Columbus OH Buyer's InspectionPremium Clear View Inspection Group The Ultimate Guide to Home Inspections What Buyers Need to Know

The Ultimate Guide to Home Inspections: What Buyers Need to Know

A home inspection is one of the most important steps in the purchasing process. It provides buyers with a detailed report of the condition of the home and can highlight any potential issues that may need attention. In this guide, we’ll cover why a home inspection is so important, what’s included in an inspection, and…

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BLOGClear View Home InspectionColumbus OH Buyer's Inspection Smart Homebuyers Hire a Home Inspector and Here’s Why You Should Too

Why You Should Hire a Home Inspection Company

If you think about skipping the home inspection, you might want to think again. The home inspection is a fundamental part of the home buying process and something you should consider. A good real estate agent will recommend that you include a home inspection when making an offer. As smart homebuyers, you are paying for…

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