A Columbus, OH Home Inspection Company Announces Newly Launched Website

Clear View Inspection Group – leading home inspection company in Columbus, OH provides value service, quick information, and convenient scheduling to home buyers and sellers through its newly launched website. Clear View Inspection Group, a leading value-driven home inspection company focused on delivering non-invasive inspection services to property buyers and sellers in Columbus, OH, is…

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BLOGClear View Home InspectionColumbus OH Buyer's Inspection How to Determine the Best Time to Buy a Home

When is the Best Time to Buy a Home?

At some point, we all wanted to be homeowners and not just pay rent every month or move from one place to another to find an apartment that can suit our personality and budget too. People who have their own homes now know all too well what a struggle to finally call a house your…

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BLOGClear View Home InspectionColumbus OH Buyer's Inspection Smart Homebuyers Hire a Home Inspector and Here’s Why You Should Too

Why You Should Hire a Home Inspection Company

If you think about skipping the home inspection, you might want to think again. The home inspection is a fundamental part of the home buying process and something you should consider. A good real estate agent will recommend that you include a home inspection when making an offer. As smart homebuyers, you are paying for…

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